Agilent TapeStation

The Agilent Technologies TapeStation 4200 system is a fully automated solution for gel electrophoresis of RNA, DNA or proteins that delivers analysed results in 1 minute per sample. The TapeStation instrument loads, separates, images and analyses your samples.

DNA Analysis

The DNA ScreenTape assays were developed for the analysis of genomic DNA, DNA fragments and DNA libraries. DNA samples, no more than 2 µl, are automatically loaded, separated, imaged and analysed at the press of a button. Uses ready-to-use consumables to avoid exposure to hazardous chemicals and improve reproducibility.

Choose between the D1000 ScreenTape, the High Sensitivity D1000 ScreenTape or the Genomic DNA ScreenTape assays depending on the sample type or sensitivity requirements of your application. The Genomic DNA ScreenTape is also able to calculate DNA Integrity Number (DIN) which can be used as an indicator of sample quality.

DNA ScreenTape Assay options:

Assay Sample type Size range Quantitative range Sample Input
D1000 ScreenTape Assay DNA fragments or libraries 35-100 bp 0.1-50 ng/µl 1 µl
High Sensitivity D1000 ScreenTape Assay DNA fragments or libraries 35-100 bp 10-1000 pg/µl 2 µl
Genomic DNA ScreenTape Assay Genomic DNA 200 to >60,000 bp 10-100 ng/µl 1 µl

RNA Analysis

The RNA ScreenTape assays provide efficient and reliable analysis of total RNA samples from eukaryotic or prokaryotic origin providing information on sample quality and quantity. The RNA integrity number equivalent (RINe) delivers an objective evaluation of eukaryotic and prokaryotic total RNA degradation that can be used for sample quality control in downstream assays. Choose between the RNA TapeStaion Assay and the High Sensitivity TapeStation Assay depending on the likely RNA yield.

RNA ScreenTape Assay options:

Assay Quantitative range Functional RINe Range Sample Input
RNA ScreenTape Assay 25-500 ng/µl 25-500 ng/µl 1 µl
High Sensitivity RNA ScreenTape Assay 500-10,000 pg/µl 1000-25,000 pg/µl 2 µl

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