Bioinformatics Data Analysis Support

Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies offer high-throughput, rapid and accurate methods of determining the precise order of nucleotides within DNA/RNA molecules. The field of bioinformatics is central to the interpretation and application of the biological data.

Using mathematical and statistical methods implemented by a wide range of programmatic languages, bioinformatics tools, analyse, and interpret biological information at the molecular, cellular, and genomic level.  The combined power of NGS and bioinformatics is vital for diagnostics, medical treatment, and epidemiological research.

 The TCGA can offer Bioinformatics support for the growing demands in NGS. At the genomics core facility. our team and bioinformaticians provide end-to-end support in all stages of sequencing experiments: from experimental design through to final analysis. We collaborate internally and externally with projects ranging from validation of SNPs in individual genes to viral/bacterial whole genome sequencing.

  • Key Advantages of Our Bioinformatics Analysis Service Include but Are Not Limited to:
    • Highly accurate interpretation
    • Accurate results associated with the deep coverage
    • Flexibility to meet every unique client’s need
    • Highly trained bioinformatics specialists
    • Easy to understand for non-professionals
    • Time-saving and price favorable