Next Generation Sequencing

The Centre can perform low-medium throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on a variety of sample types and applications. Our preferred way of working is for scientists to generate NGS libraries themselves. Where this is impossible a collaborative approach to developing libraries may be available.

The workflow is divided into three parts: Library construction and Sequencing and QC of Sequencing data. Details of these are found below.

Library construction

Library construction encompasses the reception and quality control of DNA and/or RNA samples, the construction and QC of libraries to make them ready for sequencing. Quality and quantity of samples are very important in every NGS experiment

The Centre currently supports:

  • Whole Exome Sequencing (Nimblegen SeqCap EZ v3.0).
  • RNA Seq (TruSeq Stranded Total RNA with Ribo-Zero Human/Mouse/Rat).

Where research groups are prepared to generate their own libraries and said applications can be run on the NextSeq or Miseq instruments TCGA are happy to run any type of application.

Note: The Centre aims to increase its portfolio of applications over time and would consider collaborative projects outside of the routine experiments on an ad hoc basis. Please contact the Centre Manager.

Sequencing Operations

Sequencing operation ecompasses the quality control of the NGS libraries and the running and performance monitoring of the sequencing platforms.


  • Quality control of NGS libraries
  • Clustering of the libraries
  • Loading and maintenance of sequencing instrumentation
  • Sequencing run monitoring and assessment
  • Troubleshooting

For pre-made NGS libraries the Centre cannot be responsible for data quality if instrument parameters perform within specifications.

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